Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are we?

A: Footie Mob is an independent supporters group for Atlanta United FC. Formed by friends and fans with a passion for soccer, Footie Mob wants to bring Southern Hospitality and charm to MLS. We want to show fans around the United States and the world how great our team and city can be. We want to share the game we love with others who enjoy the game already or those who want to learn it.

Q: Why only Atlanta United FC?

A: We love the existing soccer community but we want to focus all our attention on one team.

Q: So is Footie Mob just another supporters group?

A: Sort of. We love what other groups do, but want to do it a little differently?

Q: Different how?

A: We love what a lot of the other groups around MLS do with chants, flags, and tifo. But we want a different experience. We want the game to be our primary experience. We’ll still do chants and make tifo, maybe even wave some flags before the game. But once the game starts that’s where our attention will be. Chants will come in the flow of the game.

We also want to be there for the casual or curious fan. Have a question about the game? Ask us! We’d love to explain what’s going on with you.

Q: Okay, so what else you got?

A: Tailgates. We want to bring the full southern tailgate atmosphere to games. We hope to partner with some amazing restaurants and caterers to start every game with a great party. Then we take the party inside!

Q: I’m in, so what do you need from me?

A: Right now, just head over to our Facebook page and friend us, follow us on twitter and check back here on our website for more information and events. As we get closer and know more about the team we’ll let you know about membership info and events. If you want to be more involved, email us!