Join Footie Mob

2018 season memberships are now closed. We will announce 2019 memberships soon.

Footie Mob Membership Privileges

  • Access to members only events¬†and steeply discounted tailgate entry
  • Ability to buy member exclusive merchandise online.
  • Reduce priced tickets for most away games
  • Voting powers for all general membership decisions
  • Ability to serve on a Footie Mob committee
  • Eligibility for election to a Footie Mob office
  • Enrollment in our social media groups
  • End of season membership does not include a scarf. Join us in early 2019 for a full year membership with swag.
Level Description  

The money raised from membership in Footie Mob goes towards defraying costs for tailgate items, tifos and flag materials, and incidentals as needed.