All Stripes & Footie Mob Fundraiser for Pride


All Stripes and Footie Mob are proud to announce a joint effort to raise funds and support Atlanta United’s captain Michael Parkhurst and midfielder Lagos Kunga as they raise awareness and funds in this year’s Playing for Pride. All money raised will go to Playing for Pride and their partner Athlete Ally.

Why are we supporting this cause? 1 – Because equality needs to be achieved in all of society – including sports; 2 – they are doing good work for the soccer community; and 3 – we support Atlanta United through Parkhurst and Kunga’s causes too.

We’ve set up a page for you to donate to the All Stripes and Footie Mob fundraiser. At the end of June all money raised (100% of it) will be split between Parkhurst’s and Kunga’s Playing for Pride pages. And, just to keep it interesting, Footie Mob will match all donations – dollar for dollar – up to $1,600.

As of June 22nd, a total of $2,338 ($1,169 in donations and $1,169 in the Footie Mob match) will be split between Parkhurst and Kunga.


Product Description

Athlete Ally’s mission states:

Sports remains one of the greatest socialization mechanisms in the world — it communicates values without relying on any one language, and its most successful participants are known and respected globally. And yet, an entire community of people remain systematically excluded from sport.
Athlete Ally believes that everyone should have equal access, opportunity, and experience in sports — regardless of your sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Athlete Ally’s mission is to end the rampant homophobia and transphobia in sport and to activate the athletic community to exercise their leadership to champion LGBTQ equality.